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A little history…

Dating back more than 12 centuries, Fez is certainly the city with the most marked history in Morocco. The oldest of the four imperial cities it was the centre of the kingdom for many centuries.

Thanks to the restoration work it has received, the city has managed to preserve its palaces, ramparts, mosques and madrasahs. It remains one of Morocco’s gems! Away from its impressive crenellated ramparts, the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, home to the oldest university in the world, reveals a vast maze of medieval streets (numbering 9,500), between artisan factories, madrasas and restored fondouks and caravanserais where merchants from the Sahara stopped by…

Moroccan crafts, markets and folklore …

Far from car engine noise, scooters, and other vehicles, the Fez medina is full of diverse and varied charms. Fez is considered the capital of Moroccan craftsmanship where all trades rub shoulders with artistic expertise around the business of ceramics, wood and leather …

Its inhabitants show an extraordinary kindness towards tourists and restaurants offer deliciously authentic and traditional cuisine.

More information Fez :  https://www.lonelyplanet.com/morocco/the-mediterranean-coast-and-the-rif/fes

Did you know ?

  • Fez is a city of central Morocco, located between the Rif and the Middle Atlas, 180 km east of Rabat.
  • Considered the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, Fez is now the second largest city in the country after Casablanca and just celebrated its 1200 years.
  • Fez covers three areas: the old town (medina), World Heritage of UNESCO, the Royal Enclosure and the new districts established by the French, which extend into the surrounding plain and cleverly combines tradition and modernity.
  • The Mediterranean climate of Fez is comparable to the southern cities of Spain:
Mois J F M A M J J A S O N D
(en °C)
4,1 5,3 6,6 8,9 11,7 15,5 18,4 18,6 16,2 12,0 7,7 4,9
(en °C)
14,7 16,3 18,6 21,9 25,7 31,3 35,8 35,8 30,6 25,2 18,9 15,5

The surrounding area of Fez


Lover of ancient stonework? This is not to be missed!

Volubilis is the most visited archaeological site in Morocco with more than 200 000 visitors per year. Do not hesitate to call on one of the many guides present at the entrance to the site that will be happy to share the history of this place with you.

This city founded in the 3rd century BC was recognised in 1997 as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Its condition makes it an essential place to visit.

More information Volubilis : http://www.travel-exploration.com/subpage.cfm/Volubilis


The “Moroccan Versailles” opens its doors!

Meknes is one of the imperial cities of Morocco. Founded in 1672 it was the capital of Morocco from 1672 to 1727. It is also labelled a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The oriental architecture buffs and those seeking out magnificient palaces will fall under the spell of this city that combines modernity and tradition. Do not miss during your stay in Meknes: Bab Mansour gate on Place Hédim, Dar Jamai Palace, the royal stables, the Agdal basin or the Mausoleum Moulay Ismail …

More information  Meknes : https://www.lonelyplanet.com/morocco/the-mediterranean-coast-and-the-rif/meknes

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